Spring cleaning – fill your home with the magic spirit!

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Spring. Isn't it an incarnation of the new life growing? Of course it is. How do you feel about spring? We are sure that your rich imagination draws sunny fields and a fresh green grass, just like the Tom Jones' "green, green grass of home". The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. No, you are not only dreaming, that is the right feeling. Now just imagine, that it is really possible to bring this exciting sensation in your home and to identify yourself with the rebirth of Mother Nature.

Window cleaning - 101 Cleaner

All these tempting feelings will come to you after a deep spring cleaning. It is really necessary in order to let the spring atmosphere in your home. After so many holidays, so many stains, dirt and stuffy air. Dust is almost everywhere. The windows have been closed during the cold days and they got so much dirtiness between the hinges. In a few words, you have to sweat a little bit in order to achieve the cleanliness and the hygiene you need to start the new spring beginning. Why did you loose the happy look of your face? Oh, yes – cleaning is not one of your hobbies; you don't have enough time for this obligation or you are under the effect of the spring fatigue. Whatever the reason is, don't be ashamed, because we at "101 Cleaners" know the answer: professional spring cleaning. This convenient service completely fits to your needs. Why?

  • Because it is a 100 % percent satisfactory deep cleaning of any part of your household-from individual kitchen appliances, pieces of furniture or bathroom fixtures, to entire rooms.
  • Money is a great factor in these days-we don't waste your money. We offer a reasonable price, because we care if you are able to afford this profitable service.
  • Don't hesitate to try our professional approach, you won't be disappointed, you will be touched and satisfied. Our committed cleaners will fight for your cause, they will make your home clean, fresh and hygienic. We put customer satisfaction at first place. Our values are based on client's respect, accuracy and flexibility.
  • If you wish so, we could provide cleaning materials and we will leave a spotless finish. Any kind of dirt has no chance against our innovative technology. After we are done with your house, you could find such an adorable occupation like flower decoration, Ikebana ornaments, scented candles.
  • Call us now on 020 3519 1208! The spring is on the other side of the line, waiting for your order. Find out more and get a quote, the right time has come. Get yourself the fresh mood, you've always dreamed on!

The spring is knocking on your door and the addictive fragrance is everywhere. Let us invite this unique aroma in your cosy house!