Office Cleaning

101 cleaners can provide you with customised offer, please contact our polite customer service

101 Cleaners cleaning specialists can provide you with a full range of professional cleaning services that will clearly match your cleaning needs. Our office cleaning service includes cleaning of the floors, windows, woodwork, desks and most surfaces found in a working environment. This can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and could be combined with hot steam/dry deep carpet/upholstery cleaning.

Office cleaning services such as:

Window cleaning - 101 Cleaner
  • V.D.U. cleaning
  • Empty waste bins
  • Dust / damp wipe furniture, window ledges, paintwork, pictures
  • Dust / damp wipe telephones, fire extinguishers and radiators
  • Damp / wipe finger marks, spillage and windowsills
  • Vacuum clean all carpet areas including under desks / chairs
  • Vacuum all soft furnishings
  • Cleaning / polishing of any brass / chrome surfaces

Toilet Area

  • Damp wipe hard surfaces
  • Sanitize urinals / basins
  • Replenish toilet rolls, hand soap, and hand towels when necessary
  • Damp wipe partition in rotation
  • Damp wipe tiles
  • Sweep / mop floor
  • Empty waste bins

Kitchen Area

  • Clean Hob
  • Wipe Outside Cupboards
  • Clean Inside Microwave
  • Clean Out Fridge
  • Wipe Outside of Oven
  • Clean Sink and Wash Up Plates
  • Wipe Washing Machine / Tumble Dryer


  • £10 per cleaner/hour using your cleaning materials
  • £14 per cleaner/hour using our cleaning detergents